Filipa César and Olivier Marboeuf

Masterclass: Film as Speculative Decolonial Practice

Friday, 4th June 2021
11:15-12:15 CET


Olivier Marboeuf and Filipa César have been collaborating in the films QUANTUM CREOLE (2020),  MINED SOIL (2013-14), SUNSTONE (2017) and SPELL REEL (2017); Filipa in the role of author/director and Olivier as an author/producer. The masterclass sets their dialogue on these collaborations as a starting point to reflect on a scope of entangled topics such as: collective and individual artistic processes and their correlations; speculative fabulation, poetics and epistemologies in narrative art forms; decolonial strategies in film and resistance through film-artistic processes; modes of making stories from experiences; ways of making sensitive the history that is imprinted in the minority bodies. 

Three films by Filipa César and Olivier Marboeuf can be seen by participants in the Entrance Hall from May 27 through June 6.

Short Vitae

Filipa César is an artist and filmmaker. She is interested in the fictional sides of documentary film, the porous boundaries between film and its reception, and the economies, poetics and politics inherent to cinema praxis. Filipa’s research on the imaginary worlds of the Guinea-Bissau liberation movement as a laboratory of resistance to dominant epistemologies, begun in 2011 and has been developed into the collective project „Luta ca caba inda (The struggle is not over yet)“. Her work has been presented internationally at festivals and biennials as well as in exhibitions.

Olivier Marboeuf is a writer, storyteller and curator. He founded the independent art centre Espace Khiasma in 2004 in Les Lilas, on the outskirts of Paris, which addresses minority representations through exhibitions, screenings, debates, performances and collaborative projects. Olivier is interested in different modalities of transmission of knowledge and narrative forms in art. His work is based on practices of conversation and speculative narratives. In his lyrics Olivier intersects with poetic fiction as well as speculative theories. He publishes on the blog: Toujours Debout. He is as well creative film producer at Spectre productions.



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