Verena Buttmann and
Patrick Wallochny


Thursday, 3rd June 2021
14:45-15:45 CET


On the basis of two short films, „Der Auftritt“ (2018) by Verena Buttmann and „Kreuzungen“ (2017) by Patrick Wallochny, we want to talk about contemporary narrative experiments. In different but equally fascinating ways, both films challenge language as a medium of communication and explore its poetic, its destructive and its polished sides.

Not only the question of who is speaking and what is to be heard, what to be understood, is addressed, but also is the notion of the voice as an expression of the individual at stake. Within these intruigingly coarse-meshed narratives, the thread is never completely dropped but is gently being picked up again and again. 

In this round of four, we will again try to trick the language and shed light on some aspects of these complex films.

„Der Auftritt“ (2018) by Verena Buttmann
„Kreuzungen“ (2017) by Patrick Wallochny

DER AUFTRITT (22 min) and KREUZUNGEN (14:30 min) can both be watched by participants in the Entrance Hall from May 27 through June 6. Additionally you can listen to Verena Buttmann’s record „Die Schlantz, die Kured, die Kon“ on our Board.

Short Vita

Verena Buttmann lives in Berlin. In her performances, videos and sound works she examines the performative, poetic and communicative dimensions of language. She creates scenarios between theatrical staging and private space. She is currently finishing her M.F.A. degree in Time Based Media (with Jeanne Faust) at the HFBK Hamburg. Previously, she studied Theater and German Language and Literature in Erlangen, Visual Arts at Shrishti School in Bangalore and ERG in Brussels.

Recent Works:

  • DER AUFTRITT, Video, 22′, (2018)
  • DIE SCHLANTZ, DIE KURED, DIE KON, 7, vinyl record, published by Wirklichkeit Books (2019)


Short Vita

Patrick Wallochny is a filmmaker and video artist. He works as a director, editor and sound designer and lives in Berlin. He is currently a student at the Film University Babelsberg. 

His short films and site-specific audio and video installations move between documentary and fiction and try to playfully explore the limits of the medium. They are in dialogue with the cinema as well as with other art forms and pop culture.

Recent Works:

  • ASCHE AN DEN SCHUHEN (Clay On Shoes), Short Film (2021)
  • ATTRACTIONS, Short Film (2020)
  • KREUZUNGEN (Crossings), 5-Chanel-Video Installation (2017)



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