Lola Arias

Reality, Fiction and Remembering

Saturday, 5th June 2021
10:00-11:00 CET


Arias‘ video installation VETERANS (2014) was the starting point of her multi-disciplinary art project about the Falklands/Malvinas War. In this series, veterans reconstruct their experience of the war in a space they inhabit in the present day. In her play MINEFIELD (2016) as well as in her film THEATRE OF WAR (2018) she continues the exploration of remembering. Can art be a way to revive the past? How do reality and fiction overlap? What kind of writing processes enable this type of projects? Arias will approach different aspects of the genesis of her works, where she problematizes the relationship between aesthetics and politics, reality and fiction, art work and social experiment.

© Manuel Abramovich 

Lola’s film THEATRE OF WAR can be watched by participants in the Entrance Hall from May 27 through June 6.

Short Vita

Lola Arias (Buenos Aires, 1976) is a writer, theatre and film director. She is a multifaceted artist whose work crosses people from different backgrounds in theatre, film, literature, music and visual art projects. Her recent plays include FUTURELAND (2019), a science fiction documentary piece with teenagers. Her documentary film, THEATRE OF WAR (2018), was selected for the Forum of the 68th Berlinale and received several awards. Currently, Arias is working on her next film, REAS, which follows the stories of women and trans people in the prison of Ezeiza, Buenos Aires, retold as a documentary musical.

Plays and film:

  • MINEFIELD Performance, Royal Court Theatre, London (2016)
  • THEATRE OF WAR, Film, 82 min, (2018)
  • FUTURELAND, Performance, Maxim Gorki Theatre, Berlin (2019)



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