Christiane Büchner

Graphic Recording – a documentation and reflection of the conference

During all conference events,
Christiane listens and draws.

The Art of Listening

„If I document a lecture, a workshop or a whole conference with my drawings, then I visualise my own and immediate understanding. Imaging, structure and montage happen all parallel in real time. This form of recording creates links between information and visual language,  the content and dynamics of a discussion,  speakers and participants.  A process that took place in time takes on form and overview in the space of the drawing. The image structures the memory and opens up spaces for discoveries. Graphic recording is a great tool for reflection.“

The Graphic Recording is supported by the Equal Opportunities Officer at Film University Babelsberg.

© Angelika Huber

Short Vita

Christiane Büchner is an author and director of documentary films. Coming from the visual arts, she has transferred drawing into a conceptual and analytical practice of filmmaking. Since 2016, she has been using visual scribing in teaching (film / media), for dramaturgical consultations („Oeconomia“ by Carmen Losmann e.g.) or as a graphic recordist at conferences (GEECT, LaDOC, Heinrich Böll Stiftung NRW). Together with her brother Tobias Büchner, she runs the film production Büchner Filmproduktion.


  • pereSTROIKA – reCONSTRUCTION of a Flat, Documentary, 84 min, D 2008
  • FAMILY BUSINESS, Documentary, 89 min, D 2016
  • DISTINCTLY PSYCHOLOGICAL!, Documentary, 80 min, D 2019



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