Arturo Delgado Pereira

Performing Possibilities
in a Post-Industrial Shire

Friday, 4th June 2021
13:45-14:45 CET


My presentation focuses on the production of my feature documentary film LOCK-DOWN, inspired on a mining strike that occurred in my hometown Almadén, Spain. 11 mercury miners locked down in the mines for 11 days protested their precarious economic conditions.

As a filmmaker-researcher I wondered, what if 11 people were locked down in the mine for 11 whole days now, when post-industrial Almadén suffers high rates of migration, unemployment and pessimism? The methodology used the past mining strike as a documentary “scenario” and performed it in the current post-industrial conditions, with the intention of intervening in the present and collectively imagining future possibilities. During the 11 days reenactment, the creative and the social sides of this reenactment project co-habited, and often clashed.

Arturo‘s Film PABLO‘S WINTER can be watched by participants in the Entrance Hall from May 27 through June 6.

Short Vita

Arturo Delgado Pereira is a documentary filmmaker and researcher working as Professor of Documentary Practice in Aalto University, Finland. He is also a PhD candidate in film at the University of California, Santa Cruz. His films have received awards in IDFA, Full Frame, Edinburgh and IDA amongst others. His ongoing film project, LOCK-DOWN mixes documentary reenactment, experimental ethnography and art as social practice in a former mining town.


  • LOCK-DOWN (in production)
  • DONKEYOTED, 2017
  • PABLO’S WINTER, 2012



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