Laura von Niederhäusern

Some Thought Motifs of Asynchronicity

Saturday, 5th June 2021
14:10-14:30 CET


To investigate asynchronic experiences of present times, my PhD research explores different life situations where contradictory rhythms and heterogeneous temporalities occur. By participant observation, with and without a camera, I have collected materials and continuously processed them in an on-going filmic research journal FILM-IN-PROGRESS.

Experimenting with a self-made camera, a semi-staged shooting setting, a fictional character and a multi-screen montage, I have developed a set of elements and narrative strands forming THOUGHT MOTIFS in modular constellations. My contribution will discuss some of these motifs as a filmic thinking process and reflect on the specific qualities unfolding in montage on screen (film) and montage in an exhibition space (installation).

Laura‘s FILMIC RESEARCH JOURNAL can be watched by participants in the Entrance Hall from May 27 through June 6.

Short Vita

With her essayistic filmmaking practice Laura von Niederhäusern contributes in various formats to exhibitions and conferences. Her research approach explores narrative inquiry methods through experimental filmic and writing practices. She investigates on today’s forms of governmentality and (self-)disciplinary processes, currently focusing on the aspect of timings and temporal regimes in the realm of ‘immaterial work spheres’. She studied critical theory, cultural studies and fine arts at HEAD Geneva. Since 2016, she works as a research associate at Zurich University of the Arts, where she parallely develops her PhD-project in a cooperation program with the University of the Arts Linz.


  • FILM-IN-PROGRESS (working title), A Filmic Research Journal, 55 min (2021)
  • NULLZUSTAND, Film Essay, 43 min (2011)
  • HERE AND NOW, Video Essay, 40 min (2009)



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